Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awesomes (from working with my kids)

Aside from the hours I spend driving to get to them, I love my job working with at-risk kids in L.A. I'm mostly teaching math (GULP) but fortunately it's mostly at the middle-school level. There are awesomes in my days with them worth adding to the list.

21. Hearing my own words or expressions come back to me. Like fractions that don't "play nice" and "the five eats the zero."

22. "Wanna see my ____?" Dog, pedometer, zombie sticker, pencil toppers, cat dressed in chihuahua dresses...the answer is always YES!

23. It's ok to call ourselves silly! Even if it really was a mistake, saying we're being silly takes the pressure off. Or something.

24. It's ok to try really hard and still not get it. It'll click eventually. Or never. But you can survive without full grasp of Pythagorean's Theorem as long as you've got spunk!

25. I haven't done this stuff since I was their age. It's amazing what comes back!!!

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